Inbound Marketing

OK, so we’ve convinced you that inbound marketing is the future of your business.  So what happens now?  Through a series of steps, we’ll turn your internet marketing into a content-creation machine that will generate leads and convert them to sales at a rate you couldn’t even imagine before.

We start with you, boss.  Once we have your buy-in we will need to understand your plans and goals for the business so that we can focus your inbound marketing to help achieve them.  We also need your endorsement with the rest of your management team and your other employees, especially those in sales, marketing, customer service and IT.

Next, we’ll audit and analyze your website and other elements of your web presence to see how effectively it’s working now and what will need to be added or changed to support inbound marketing.  At the same time, we’ll look how internet searchers find your company now and how you compare to your competitors.

Our next step will be to create a web platform for effective content creation and to make sure you have the concepts and resources to get started and keep going with a focused, consistent means to attract more qualified prospects and convert them into paying customers.

After that, it’s important that we communicate directly with your staff to explain the changes to them and to encourage their participation.  They will see with their own eyes that inbound marketing is the future of your company and their futures as well, particularly for salespeople who stand to benefit directly from its success.

Then, you’re rolling.  We’ll continue to train and motivate your staff and analyze your results to keep you on top of your game.