Most businesses that market their products or services online have at least considered going the route of paid search, you know, those highlighted ads that show up at the top and in the right column of each page of Google results.  Our primary focus, as yours should be, is on free organic results (SEO), but we don’t recommend that our clients ignore the advantages of Pay-per-Click:

  • Gives your business immediate keyword ranking on Google
  • Allows targeting of highly specific keywords
  • Enables you to direct traffic to specific web pages
  • Provides precise targeting of geographic reach
  • Provides valuable analytics to strengthen SEO efforts

Pay-per-click (PPC) is best described as an online auction where a combination of your bid per click and your quality score create a ranking for a paid ad.   Paid search can be a good way to stake out real estate on Google but if you do it wrong you’ll burn through a lot of cash.  We can show you how to use the right combination of keyword matching options, landing pages and bidding strategies to achieve maximum ROI and complement your organic search strategies.

Most internet experts and researchers claim that paid search attracts fewer clicks from internet shoppers than organic search but, even that smaller percentage can be very profitable if you know how to give them what they’re looking for.  We can help you set up campaigns using established best practices and will either manage them for you or train someone on your staff to do so.