One of the secondary benefits of inbound marketing is the fact that, once you have made your business easily findable on the internet by customers and prospects, you’re also easily findable to writers and journalists working on stories.  We won’t try to tell you that inbound marketing is also going to fulfill all your public relations needs but it certainly can do wonders for your business.

Here are a few examples of how this has worked for U.S. Waterproofing:

Noted internet marketing expert and social media guru Marcus Sheridan has written about us a few times on his popular blog, the Sales Lion. Here’s some of what he had to say:

“What’s interesting is that the guys at US Waterproofing aren’t your typical blogger. They’re by no means trained writers. They didn’t go to school or get certified as English majors.
Yet all have one thing in common—They’re great teachers.
And because they’re all great teachers (when it comes to basements), and because they understood the benefits their company could achieve if they “bought in” to the power of content, they’ve embraced this new form of communication.”

(To read the entire post, go here.)

And again, this time on the leading site for bloggers and social media experts, Social Media Examiner:

“The teaching message was: Companies need to embrace the idea that the majority of their employees, especially those in sales, can be content producers and blog writers.
And I shared the story of a company doing just this. US Waterproofing, a Chicago basement waterproofing company, turned their sales guys into content producers, which led to a significant increase in traffic, leads and sales from their company website.”

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How about this, from Remodeling magazine:

“U.S. Waterproofing’s site:

  • Plays on company experience and strengths. There’s no question about what the firm does or how it does it. The short, memorable domain name also ties in with other advertising and service vehicles.
  • Is structured to teach, not tell. It’s experienced technicians demonstrating what they’ve seen that works or doesn’t work, without a hard-sell and never going negative on competitors.
  • Ties together the company’s blog, YouTube channel, and Facebook business page.
  • Is presented in a problem-solution format that encourages action. Users can identify their issue and the solution and can schedule an appointment. Testimonials and industry affiliations are in plain sight and satisfy the logical and emotional parts of the purchasing decision.”

(Read more here.)

Chicago’s WGN-TV, one of the country’s leading “superstations,” featured U.S. Waterproofing in a segment on the 2012 drought because they found us by Googling:

“Matt Stock, vice president of U.S. Waterproofing, appeared today on WGN-TV to explain to Chicago-area homeowners how the current high heat and lack of rain may cause soil conditions conducive to the cracking and shifting of residential foundations.
“When heat and lack of rain persist,” said Stock, “soil begins to desiccate, to lose moisture and shrink in size.  Most of this moisture loss is caused by trees and plants near our homes extending their root systems wider and deeper in an effort to survive.  When this moisture is gone, soil shrinks and pulls away from foundation walls, creating gaps for water to enter the basement when rain starts again.”

(See the video here)