Social Media

Given the amount of buzz generated by social media, you’d think it was the ultimate everything, the secret of life, the winning lottery number that guarantees business success.  Set up a Facebook page, send out a few Tweets, sit back and watch the money roll in.  Well, not exactly. 

For those in the right businesses, like hospitality or entertainment, social media may be all that but, when you think about it, what business owner really believes that customers want to follow the minute-by-minute exploits of an accounting firm, a chain of paint stores or a car dealership?

The ROI value of social media is almost impossible to prove, so it’s best used to support more profitable online efforts like inbound marketing.  We’ll help you:

  • Evaluate social media platforms to decide which will work for you…and which won’t
  • Use social media to promote your inbound marketing messages and humanize your company
  • Stay abreast of trends and new developments

Just because “everybody’s on Facebook,” that doesn’t mean everybody is making any money at it.  We’ll help you focus your social media efforts as part of an overall inbound marketing plan that leads straight to your bottom line!